Performance & Choreography

Nicole is Founder, Director, Choreographer and Performer for The Asterisk Dance Project.  Her most recent work "Under This Roof", premiered at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle and was shown at the New Moves Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, Seattle International Dance Festival, 12 Minutes Max at On The Boards, and at the Barefoot collective in Tacoma, WA.  Asterisk has also shown works at many festivals throughout Washington state including Smoke Farm, Beyond the Threshold/Seattle International Dance Festival, Art on the Fly, Arts In Nature, Artopia, and Siteworks.

She has been co-director, performer and choreographer for Manifold Motion (Seattle) from 2007-current and has also danced for Pablo Cornejo/Locate Performance Group (Seattle), OTO Dance (Tucson), Attack Theater (Pittsburgh) and Junction Dance Theater (Pittsburgh)